Nap times… what to do?!

Usually at nap times my options are fairly limited as to what to do with myself. I sit playing on my phone, writing the occasional blog or poem, as my baby boy slumbers soundly across my lap restricting movement, until eventually my bladder becomes too full and I risk putting him down, only for him to immediately wake and commence screaming. However, for the past two days my little man has slept for over an hour in his cot for his first nap ( I KNOW). The curse of the nap trap has been lifted (I hope!)

This has left me feeling rather lost. The first day I just sat in his room playing on my phone because, well, I was sure he was going to wake up any second. The second day I opted for a bath and to get dressed without having to entertain him in between putting on my pants and bra. But I did it super quickly in case he woke up after twenty minutes and then I was left thinking… so what now? I’d already had breakfast so didn’t need that; I was tempted by round two but I’m trying (and failing) to lose the mummy pouch, so best to avoid that option. I was too worried that putting the telly on downstairs would wake him (plus I watch more than enough shit TV of an evening) so that was out of the window. I could have read a book but nothing was jumping out at me and I was already halfway through one from pre-baby days but couldn’t for the life of me remember which one, or what had happened previously. Perhaps I should have a nap myself? Except I’ve only just got dressed and I’m not that tired. Plus I will feel like utter shit if I do eventually fall asleep only to be woken after five minutes by Baba O’Screechy. What to do… what to do? Getting him to go to sleep (and stay asleep) it seems has become almost like a project or hobby for me. I need something to fill this void. It is for this reason that I want to weigh my options carefully for tomorrow…

Baking – Now I do LOVE a cake, and so does my other half, but previous forays into baking have been somewhat disappointing. I always end up with a cake that is too dry, too dense or simple burnt. Also the mess. Every bowl in the house gets used and it’s a pain in the arse to clear up. Plus the diet thing. And my fella also noted at the weekend that he’s got man tits (his words, not mine) so probably better for both of us if I do not impersonate Delia (my boobs are too small for Nigella and while I do have the odd grey I’m far too young for Mary Berry) at this particular point in time.

Exercise – You would think, given said attempt to lose mummy pouch, that this would be a sensible option. Think again. I simply cannot be arsed. I don’t mind going for a walk or the occasional swim (let’s get real, I only swim when I go on holiday so that is already a lie told purely to make myself look less lazy), but real exercise is something that I have left in the past. The past being that one year when I joined a gym and went to a ‘legs, bums and tums’ class (aka dancing around like a twat) for about three months. Or that time I decided to do the ’30 day shred’ YouTube video with cans of beans for weights and lasted about five days before beans became cider cans, became me sitting drinking cider and smoking rollies on the sofa as per (circa 2010, ancient history). So exercise, unless it is couched as something else, like a group activity that involves competition, is not really my bag. Certainly not at 9am in the morning when I’ve been up half the night tending to a small person.

Crafts – I love this idea of this. Maybe I could repurpose some old egg boxes and turn them into works of art? I could paint glass jars and create bespoke candles that I will sell to my mummy friends and take along to exclusive farmers markets. I’ll make a fortune. I’ll be the new Kirstie Allsop; everyone will be begging for my handmade goodies and asking my opinion on interior design and fabric choices for the conservatory cushion covers. Except I’m about as creative as a fucking common slug. So that’s not going to work.

Gardening – So I love a house plant (who doesn’t?!) and I am generally able to keep them alive for the most part. Orchids are my nemesis but other than that I do ok. I go for non-flowering varieties as they seem to be harder to kill and I just about manage to remember to water them all at least once every couple of weeks. Outdoor gardening is a whole new ball game though. Generally I like a low maintenance garden that the elements can take care of. Bit of sun, bit of rain, job done. Since moving to our new house though I have discovered that weeds are complete fuckwits and they relish in all that the elements provide. I have attempted to ‘de-weed’ on numerous ocassions, only to poke my head out of the back door a week later to find the bloody things even bigger than before, taunting me with their quickly creeping roots. Add spiders and other creepy crawlies into the mix along with muddy fingernails that you can NEVER get clean and you have numerous reasons why gardening is not for me. However, what I do enjoy is a bit of demolition… and I wouldn’t mind taking an electric hedge trimmer to all of the bushes in my garden and then pulling them out of the ground completely. Then I could cover the ground with weed killer and shingle and bask in the barren landscape of my no-fuss garden. Now that sounds like a plan that I can get behind. I wonder if a hedge trimmer would wake a sleeping baby? I’ll have to let you know on that one.

So garden it is then it seems. Although I am really happy that the wee one will finally nap in his cot, especially as he seems so comfy in there, I have to admit that it has left me feeling like he needs me that little bit less. First he naps in his cot, next he can wipe his own arse, before you know it he’ll be hitting the town getting pissed up on cheap lager and chatting up girls (or guys) that take his fancy. Only kidding he’s definitely an ale man. Screw it, just one more game of CodyCrossword and then I’ll get up and do something…


11 thoughts on “Nap times… what to do?!”

  1. This is such a dilemma….I am at the opposite end of the scale. I’ve spent the holidays trying to convince the teens that napping in the day rocks as they get too cranky and tired from staying up to late but to no avail. Ha actually maybe babies and teens aren’t so different


  2. I have to say I tend to go for blogging, cleaning or gardening! Anyway, they’ll get used to the noise if you bash about a bit and pug the telly on while they’re napping, and then they’ll nap longer…! 😉


  3. I try and do sewing when Alfie has his nap (although that rarely happens these days) but usually I end up wasting an hour on social media and he’s awake before I know it! Gardening sounds like a good option.


  4. I know what you mean, it’s kind of a strange time when they nap. Emma only has one nap a day and usually I end up blogging even though I should really do something more relaxing! Xx


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