Sleeping through… about bloody time!

You finally did it,

You slept through the night.

I stayed up for you

But your eyes were shut tight.

Months we have waited

For this day to arrive,

To be honest I’m shocked

That I’m still alive.

With such little sleep,

You drove me half crazy.

I begged and I pleaded

For a day to be lazy.

Up in the night,

Feeding and rocking,

When would Uncle Yawn

Come a knocking?

Stroking your nose and

Rubbing your back,

Walking round looking like

I was on crack.

Everyone said 

We should leave you to cry.

I just couldn’t bare it,

The pitch was too high!

You needed to learn

To “self soothe”,

Then I was told 

Your sleep would improve.

Bollocks I reckon,

You still can’t “self settle”,

But you slept through the night

You deserve a medal.

Will it continue

Or was it pure luck?

I hope you keep sleeping

Or that would sure suck.


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