What are you thinking? A poem for my boy.

What are you thinking,

Oh baby of mine?

I wish you could tell me,

But you can’t by design.

You’re too young to open 

Your mouth and speak words,

Instead all you do

Is a fuck load of turds.

If only I knew 

What all the sounds mean,

Instead I’m left guessing

Which oraface to clean.

What are you thinking,

Oh darling of mine?

Are you judging mummy

As she slugs on her wine?

I can see in your eyes

That the cogs are turning,

I just don’t have a clue

For what you are yearning.

Is it milk that you wish for,

Or just a quick nap?

Perhaps it’s too sunny

And you desire a cap?

Do you need a bum change,

Or something to chew?

Maybe you’re bored

And want something new?

Oh how I long

To hear you speak words,

Then it’ll be easy

To act on what’s heard.

For now though my prince,

I just have to guess.

Please bare with me,

I’m doing my best!


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